The microcabin Kronen is located on the edge of the mountain a hundred meters above Tokevann and has a fantastic view of forests, water and mountains.
The cottage has a large terrace, and together with the outbuilding that contains woodshed and toilet they form a cozy patio.


This cabin has a loft with a 150cm bed and in the living room you will find two sofas and a wood stove. The large windows in the front give you good views over the water. From the loft you also see the night sky because of the sloping windows. The crown is built with materials from our own forest that are cut locally. Short-traveled and environmentally friendly simply. The microcabin has windows on all sides so that nature comes in and through the cabin. On the terrace you will find a bonfire pan and good outdoor furniture. Biological water toilet.


This rough microcabin is buildt outside the mountain seven meters above the ground. The cottage has steampunk as an interior theme, black roof with diamonds, copper moldings and an entrance door with 21 windows. The cottage is at 12m2 and is definitely something you've never seen before.


Dristig has 360° terrace and balcony, that give you full overview of forests, mountains and wildlife. Inside you will find two good recliners in real sheepskin and a 120cm bed so high that you have to climb the ladder to get up. Outside you will find the kitchen counter, which is under roof, a tough wood burning stove and good outdoor furniture. Since the cottage is so small it does well with electric heating - even on cold days. Outside toilet in the gypsy wagon right by.

Torv - for children!

As you can see in the pictures, this micro-cabin is under construction. But you can already now book Torv with accommodation from May 1st. This cabin gets curved roofs outside and inside, rustic wilderness outside panel and a very special front door. Torv is a hobbit-inspired cabin that is adapted for families with children and will have many details in wood and and gras on the roof.


The 21m2 cabin becomes our biggest cabin, but the curved ceiling and that it is only 160cm high on the sides will make it seem smaller. This cabin has a sleeping sofa and a 120cm bed, wood stove and kitchen table. Everything built in natural wood and handmade of course. Outside you will find plenty of flowers, a warm patio and bonfire. Here you can park right by the door, which is useful if you need that. Outhouse toilet.

Torv Torv Torv

Important information about our cabins

All cooking takes place in Smia, our natural kitchen or outdoors on a bonfire / wood burning stove. All cottages have a single kitchen with fridge, Nespresso machine (including capsules), kettle and toaster as well as everything you need to wash your dishes. Food and drink as well as spices you have to bring yourself. Both in the cabins and in the Smia you will find a micro bar where you can buy some soft drinks, chocolates, snacks etc.

The cabins Kronen og Dristig are child-free and for up to 2 adults. The micro cabin Torv is child-friendly and can accommodate up to 4 people, but a maximum of 2 adults. Pets are not allowed either in the cabins or in the area otherwise. The exception is the hens and our own farm dog Harley.

When renting the microcabin of us, bed linen and cottage cleaning are included. In this way you are always ensured clean and delicate cottages. The dishes must be taken by yourself. All the cabins, interior, furniture and appliances are of high quality from well-known suppliers such as Nespresso, Kitchen Aid, Miele, Bitz, Brunstad, Espegard, Sweedor, Jøtul, Harmonie, Bergene Holm and others.

It is quite possible to rent several cabins and use Smia as a common base for food, games and cooking. Here you can read more about Smia.

Wood for the stove in the cabins that have it and electricity for heating is included in the rental price. Wood for bonfires and outdoor use you buy from us. Unfortunately, it is not allowed to bring your own firewood.

Remember to bring with you matches, ignition briquettes, and personal hygiene wipes, or you can buy bean cans from us that contain this and more for a cheap money. On cold days it can be good to bring in indoor slippers or woolen socks.
Service, cutlery, kitchen utensils, wine extractor, toilet paper, cleaning products, cloths and dry towels are found in the cabins.

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